Frequently asked questions


  • Do I have to make a reservation for a boat?

    It is not an obligation, there are also boats to hire at the cashdesk, however: online booked boats have priority. You can pick out the model of choice depending availability.

    When it is busy, the number of small boats available at the box office are less than online. You might experience a long waiting time, online reservation is then recommended.

    Reservation per phone for boats is not possible.

    From October to March, not all boats are available due to maintenance, booking online is recommended.

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  • Can I book and cancel a boat if it is raining?

    Book a boat exclusively can be done online at When it rains the booking can be changed to a guided canaltour (covered) on the booked date, in consideration with the originally chosen departing time; the amount paid will be recalculated. Moving date, money return is not possible on boats online. Cancellation of whisper-boat(s) is not free.

    Terms of booking

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  • I did not rent a boat online, how long do I have to wait and what about the waiting list?

    At the cashdesk applies the principle of first-come first-serve basis. If you do not care what model you rent than you often can board immediately in the early and late season. Booking online is advised in weekends, school holidays, summer temperatures, holidays, festive day's and high season. Generally speaking, boats are available till ± 10:30hr. When the weather is very good, boats are rented very early and will stay away for a longer period of time. Your waiting time will be longer and can run up till 2-3 hours. After 4pm there is hardly ever a waitinglist.

    Waitinglist: The rented boats available at the box office times are variable, we can therefore only tell if there is a waiting time at the cashdesk and how long it will take. There you can sign up for the waiting list or you can try to book a boat online. It is not possible to make a reservation by telephone for the waiting list.

    On busy days the online stock is greater than at the box office.

    Summer 2013 was very busy. It is regularly featured that only a 8-person boat was available at the box office. A family of 4 people wanted to go boating but the waiting time for a small boat amounted to 2 hours. They had the choice to drive immediatly against a more expensive rental price or 2 hours waiting for the cheaper 4-persons boat.

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  • Minimum rent

    The minimum rent is 1 hour. In the weekends, high season and/or crowds you will need to hire at least 2 hours. When necessary it is automatically indicated on the reservation site and at the box office

    Boats are rented per hour.

    Duration time rent

    • 1 hour touristic tour without stopping*
    • 2 hours village tour depending on how busy it is: 15-20 minutes time for a stop
    • 3 hours village tour and natural park
    • 4 hours village tour inclusiding Giethoorn North

    Example rentaltime: You like to drive the village and natural park tour and want to take a break at the small island for a picknic or coffee stop. You need at least a rentaltime of 4 hours.

    rental time boat Giethoorn, hire a selfdrive boat

  • Can I extend the rental time during my trip?

    It depends.
    In theory, you can renew your rental-time by booking this online even when your driving at the time. Usually it will not be possible because reservations will be scheduled tightly after each other

    At hustle and bustle day's with waiting list, cashier of the box office will inform you if you need to specify the exact rental time and/or extension if at all possible.

    On ordinary days is usually possible to stay away a little longer, the subsequent payment is paid per quarter when you come back. Additional costs are more expensive. You better pay directly for the correct hours you want to rent a boat.

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  • How can I get the free route app?

    The route app is exclusively for our customers who book online at our own reservationsystem After you completed the booking you get an automatic confirmation mail with instructions how to get the free App and the password.
    If you don't have your own mobile device, you can rent this with the app at the boxoffice.

    At hustle and bustle day's with waiting list, cashier of the box office will inform you if you need to specify the exact rental time and/or extension if at all possible.

    On ordinary days is usually possible to stay away a little longer, the subsequent payment is paid per quarter when you come back. Additional costs are more expensive. You better pay directly for the correct hours you want to rent a boat.

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  • How busy is it TODAY?

    When it is very busy we can not always response to phone or mail. You can follow this on Twitter.

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  • Rent a boat in the evening?

    In high season (July, August and September) we rent the boats longer than normal, you can find this at

    There are no boats rented out in the evenings during the music festivities in Giethoorn like Rock around Giethoorn, de Slag op 't Wiede, Jazz and Bluesweekend. On the last Saturday of August (gondola trip Giethoorn) boat rental will be closed at 5 pm

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  • Rent a boat for 1 the whole day or more than 1 day?

    If applicable dayrates are featured on

    Boat's are recharged at night, multiple day's in a row is not possible. Rent the boat per day.

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  • Life jackets for children and adults?

    Driving with the children is at your own risk. Life jackets for small children are available for rent. A life jacket is not mandatory.

    The water is shallow at most routes; the water is about 1 meter deep (with the exception of parts of the red and green route), a life jacket for adult is not necessary.
    Wheelchairbound adults can rent a life jacket in combination with the rent of the special wheelchair 'sloep'

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  • Food on board? Dog on board?

    It is allowed to bring your own food in a whisperboat

    Dogs are allowed in whisperboats

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  • How do I book online?

    You can book at

    Check the step by step manual

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  • I do not have a computer

    Boats can be reserved online only from 2014 and paid with Ideal, Paypal (creditcards), Soforte Banking, MrCash. In our restaurant you can use the internet connection. There is no other possibility of making reservations of whisper boats.

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  • How many people in a boat?

    At each boat type the maximum number of persons is indicated; regardless children or adults. It is based on an average weight and extra bagage is not counted.

    One can not not book a 6-persons boat for 4 adults and 3 children. You need a 8-persons boat

    When the number of people exceeds the booked boat or the total weight is irresponsible high, employees of the boat rental company can decide to refuse you the booked boat. You are obliged to take a larger model at additional costs.

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  • Reduced mobility

    A whisper boat is not suitable for people who have reduced mobility, you get in and off using the bench or take a deep step on the bottom. The wooden 10-persons Beulakermeerpunter boat is a little easier (more stable). Getting in and out is at your own risk. Under no circumstances we lift wheelchair or lifting people in the boat.

    Not sure which boat to take? Rent the boat with built-in elevator. Info at page boat rental.

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  • Canoe

  • How many persons in a canoe?

    A canoe is suitable for 2 to 3 people. This number applies to both adults and children. Please note that you are more vulnerable in a canoe, for example by a collision and the risk of a wet suit, a canoe is therefore less suitable for small children.

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  • Do you have a kayak for rent?

    The kayak, single canoe for 1 personn, is only for rent for group-packages starting from 30 persons. No individual rent kayak's.

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  • Rental time canoe

    For the canoes is a base rate up to 3 hours. Peddle 1, 2 or 3 hours, the price is the same. Extra time and dayrate can be found at

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  • Canalcruises

  • How often does the canaltour take off?

    There are sufficient possibilities for participation at every hour (minimum 4 persons). Timetable regular standard touristic tour can be found at the canalcruise page.

    In the early and late season some departure times can be cancelled without notice due to not enough passengers. Throughout the season it is possible that several departure times are fully booked because of groups. Don't want to get disappointed: book tickets online, your seat is secured even in case Even if you are as a couple inquire into the possibility to sail around. We may have the opportunity to get and set the boat ' full ' so we do not have to disappoint you.

    Online booked tickets: your seat is guaranteed and the boat will cruise.

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  • Longer guided boattours

    Standard boattour in group arrangments and individuals takes 1 hour.

    On request a longer boat tour for groups min. 25 persons is possible until up to 2 hours.

    Individual guests can join the longer tour which are regularly organized. The dates and times are listed at the newspage. Individually on a longer cruise is only bookable online.

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  • Can I bring a dog in the cruiseboat?

    Dogs on a leash are allowed, they may not sit on the seat. For your dog is a separate ticket required, equal to order with your own tickets canalcruise.

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  • Less mobility; can I park nearby the boat?

    Comprehensive information for if you are less agile, use of a wheelchair etc. can be found atthis page.

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  • Is there a toilet on board?

    The cruise boats don't have a toilet. Years ago there was a toilet on board, however, in practice this was never used. Related to the available space and short duration of the cruise, there is no on-board toilet. There are plenty of toilets in the restaurant including 2 disabled toilets.

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  • Food and beverage on board?

    Food and drink takes place in the restaurant

    In the canal boat own food and drinks are not allowed. Own catering is also not allowed in the private excursion boats

    food and beverage, on board

  • How many persons in a canalcruise boat?

    On average, a cruiseboat has a capacity of 40 people. This is different per boat. The format of our canal boats can be found at the canalcruise page.

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  • Where do the boats depart?

    The cruise boats are in front of the restaurant. Embarkment at the pier on the Ds. Hylkemaweg 1 Giethoorn Address and route.

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  • Restaurant

  • Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible and do they have a disabled toilet?

    Yes. There are in addition to the regular toilet group 2 very spacious disabled toilets, see also info.

    handicapped toilet

  • I'm on a diet. Can something be arranged?

    Cow's milk allergy, celiac desease, low fat, salt-free, diabetics, pureeing, grinding: this is regular for us. Gluten-Free pancakes are standard in the assortment, the barbecue and grilling also fits very well with a celiac diet. It is useful if we know these things in advance.

    Cow's milk allergy, gluten free, low fat, salt-free, diabetics, pureeing, grinding, celiac desease

  • Are dogs allowed in the restaurant?

    Provided that the dog makes no nuisance in relation to the other guests, dog's are allowed in the restaurant (on leash). They are not allowed on chairs and tables. The dog can drink water outside.

    dog restaurant

  • High chair for little children?

    There are 2 high chairs.

    high chair, children seat

  • Is there a playcorner?

    There is no special children's corner. There are some small toys and coloring pages that kids can use. Provided there are no cars parked on the lawn, children can play football

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  • Parking

  • Where can I park my car?

    't Zwaantje (little Swan) has its own spacious car park next to the company. This private car park is for guests only

    There is place for cars, wheelchair vans and coaches, touringcars.

    Route and address see address page.

    parkinglot, parking Giethoorn

  • Can I reserve a parking space?

    It is not possible to reserve a parking space on our car park. Special attention is for wheelchair, tourbuses and vans. A stone's throw away you will find the municipal car park.

    parkinglot reservation, parkingspace

  • Is parking for free?

    Parking is free to guests of 't Zwaantje. Unfortunately we get quite a few visitors who are no guests and still park their car on our parkinglot. On busy days, there is regulated parking by our staff. On presentation of print of your online booking you will be admitted. Or pay a parking ticket at the entrance of €5,--per car. This amount is then settled at the boat rental at a minimum spending €20,--(per parking ticket).

    On the municipal car park can be parked for free.

    free parking, parkingticket, regulated parking

  • Reservation cancellation and payments

  • How long in advance should I book?

    Are you the family organizer for a staff-, bachelorparty or other occasion? The sooner you make a reservation, the more choices you have. Do you have a date, check for availability. It is always wise to have an alternative date. Our experience is that it is a good idea postings by companies from ±20 persons happens about 2 months in advance. For families and groups of friends saturday and sunday, are usually the first fully booked. Mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays are the busiest days with wheelchair group and coach groups. The months of may, june and september are always crowded with bus groups.

    how long in advance book, make a reservation

  • Provisional booking?

    We don't do provisional reservations. An optional date is only for large groups, see the next question.

    Provisional booking

  • Can I make an optional reservation?

    An option is only possible for large groups starting from 35 persons. An option is valid for up to 5 days. If someone want's to make a definite booking on the same date, we will get in touch with you. You will then have to decide immediately. This happens occasionally and applies only when we are fully booked.

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  • How can I book?

    A boat or boats can only be booked online Also complete all inclusive daytours, tour maps, bicycle rent, etc. can be booked here.

    Make a reservation the 'old fashioned' way: you can book a group outing or package, look for the possibilities bookingterms.

    booking, packages, groups

  • Where can I find the rent-and cancellation policy?

    The rental conditions and cancellation policy can be found on this page.

    Where can I find the rent-and cancellation policy

  • Can I pay by credit card or pins?

    Both the restaurant and the boats box office has an ATM machine. It is allowed extra money to pin down. Our latest ATM machine is suitable for contactless pay.

    We accept payment with MasterCard and Visa credit cards with PIN. Due to the high cost's an additional fee for payment by credit card is calculated, this is 1.5% of the total amount to pay.

    pins, creditcard, payment.

  • Can I pay per invoice afterwards? Do you accept vouchers?

    Afterwards payments are not possible. Bookings through are paid via Ideal, Soforte Banking (Germany), Mr Cash (Belgium) or by credit card via a Paypal account.

    Packages, reservations that have been made on the 'old-fashioned' way must be paid on the day itself: pins, cash or credit card. For groups: don't own a debit card, then the possibility exists through pro-forma invoice prepaid in our bankaccount.

    No exceptions are made

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  • Check our company

    We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Zwolle under number: 05-039811/VAT no NL800182285B01/member of the Koninklijke Horeca Netherlands (KHN) under the number 305353. Meet the owners here.

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  • Vacation house

  • Early arrival, late departures?

    Arrival is from 3pm and departure depending sunday 8 pm friday 10am. Delayed departure brings extra costs!

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  • Can I view the vacation house before booking?

    Walk virtually through the House and watch the video.

    visit house holiday

  • Bike rental

  • I want to rent a bicycle or tandem

    Rent a bicycle or tandem is possible at the box office or online at

    bike rental

  • Do you have child seats or a dog basket suitable on bikes?

    Child seats can only be arranged for cycling arrangments. Only a very limited number available. You may bring your own child seat. A child seat is not suitable on a tandem. There are no facilities for dogs on the bike.

    child seats, dog basket.

  • Tandem on different location, multiple day rent bikes?

    It is not allowed tandems and bicycles to carry in a car /van to another location. Rental is only in Giethoorn and immediate area. Bicycles and tandems are only per morning, afternoon, day rented out.

    tandems, bike, multiple day rental

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