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Prices do not include refreshments unless otherwise mentioned

Dutch coffee lunch buffet
With coffee, tea, milk, real butter milk, white-, brown and raisin bread (all-you-can-eat), ham, cheese and soup and a Dutch minced meat croquette (vegetarian cheese souffle)
At least 20 people €15,--p.p.(smaller group possible additional price €1,50 p.p.)
Additional: vegetable salad from the buffet €2,50 p.p. extra

3 course dinner: at first is soup served and dessert a bowl of icecream or cup of coffee. Extended garnish as baked potatoes, French fries, salad
Dinner A: €19,50 p.p. main course choice of wienerschnitzel (pork), chickenschnitzel or vegetarian dish
Dinner B: €25,-- p.p. main course choice of meat (such as Burgundian roast, pork tenderloin) or fish (salmon, codfish) of the day or vegetarian dish
Maximum 100 persons

Inside barbecue
Various types of lean meats such as steak, Pork fillet, Beef sirloin, lamb chops, turkey breast and fish species including swordfish, salmon, tuna and butterfish. For vegetarians there are veggie burgers. Includes: soup, French bread, salad, French fries, herb garlic butter and sauces €29.50 p.p.

BBQ lava stone grilling takes place in the restaurant. The tables are each equipped with 2 built-in electric barbecue grills, with above it a fume hood. The 4 tables can accommodate a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 11 people per table. For larger groups is the indoor barbecue buffet.
The meat or fish is "pure nature" (without adding butter or oil) on the grill and therefore fits well with for example a celiac disease (coeliakie) diet. To prevent cross contamination we make for the diet a special barbecue package.

Pancake buffet
All you can eat natural pancakes, make them at your own taste with different hot, cold, sweet and salty toppings, such as onions, mushrooms, syrup, sugar, jam, butter, whipped cream, fried Bacon cheese, ham, etc.,
Adults €15,--p.p. children under 12 years €8,75 p.p. Children under 4 years free Additional price: starter soup and ice dessert +€2,50 p.p.

Pancakes are homemade fresly baked. For optimal taste the pancakes are fried in real butter.
Groups up to 11 people may have a pancake à la carte (ingredients are cooked within) or more persons if pre-ordered. The complete pancake map with prices (pdf menu) can be found at the download page. Large groups go à la carte per table (longer preparation time)

Large group everyone eating pancake at the same time: natural pancake served per person, cheese, ham, syrup, sugar and confiture on the table.
Maximum 110 personen €7,50 p.p.

A hot meal for large groups. Main course choice of chicken schnitzel or wienerschnitzel. Garnish: French fries, salad
Maximum 110 persons €15,-- p.p.
Of course we have many more plates on our menu. The complete menu with prices can be found at the download page
Additional price starter soup and dessert icecream €5,-- p.p.

You can download he full menu including prices from the download page.

Don't feel like tinkering something together, there are already a lot of complete all inclusieve arrangements from 2 - 100 persons. Go to the package-deals.

Museum visit
Description of the museums can be found on the general Giethoorn page. Single tickets can be ordered at the webshop

Boating and biking
Would you like to organise your own trip than the prices for rent boats, cruise and canoes are calculated. The same goes for a bike ride.
The prices for several hours rental (boats) can be found at the pricelist (pdf) or book online Attention Prices at the box office may be differen from the (usually) cheaper online prices.
Information boat rental can be found here

Puzzle tour with whisperboat
Not available in English.

Canalcruise with guide: canalcruise page

Solex, 'snor'bike
Solex mopeds and drive is only possible with package-deals

Electric bike with pedal assistance are only for rent starting from location Steenwijk bookable at

On request
in combination with boating

  • archery Crossbow shooting Giethoorn
  • midgetgolf Giethoorn
  • outdoor games Giethoorn

    Location Giethoorn

  • Midgetgolf, 1 hour, minimum 15 persons, price indication €5,-- p.p.
  • Games circuit including a wheelbarrow race, nail-defecate, minefield, sack race, at least 15 people, duration 2 hours, price indication €10,-- p.p.
  • Paintball minimum age 18 years, time 2 hours, price start from €22,50 p.p.
  • Crossbow, 1 hour minimum 15 persons price start from €5,50 p.p.

Prices are only an indication, final price on request. One and other is depending on date, day, group size, wishes

  • prices are subject to change without notice