The traditional wooden oak punter is an old fashioned boat (no motor). A little bit lighter is the newer polyester type. You need to push the boat forward with the stick which you put on the bottem of the water. Minimum a second persons is needed to stear the boat.

zeilpunter giethoornEen traditionele open punter heeft slechts 1 bankje, maximaal 5 personen per punter. Om de dagtocht varen iets ontspannender te laten verlopen, huur je een sprietzeil erbij, zitten kan dan op de bodem van de zeilpunter. Op een winderige dag is het aan te raden spatwater dichte kleding te dragen.

In short punteren is heavy work with no comfort and is therefore not suitable for people less mobile.

There are 2 socalled Beulakermeerpunters, a bigger type than the Gieterse punter and do have an electrical motor. These boats can be found at electrical boats.

Important details

  • On reservation only
  • Pick-up, starting different address depending your choice of wooden or polyester type. Take's about 10-15 minutes walk.