Boating all by yourself

UPDATE 11-06-2024: Winterperiod almost over. Every day possible GUARANTEED boat BOOKING with online reservation at www.GIETHOORNBOOKING.COM booking giethoorn or at the ticketbox (subject to availability)

Discover the little green Venice of Holland, Giethoorn and natural park De Wieden in a so-called 'whisper' boat. These are open punter boats equipped with a silent electric motor that is powered, therefor nickname 'whisper'.
Enjoy the boat ride without the stench and noise of a petrol engine, explore the rustic surroundings with the electric boat and it is environmentally friendly as well.

In advance you get an explaination of the quit easy to handle engine and route. Using the detailed navigation map you will certainly find the way back.

The boats have a flat bottom and are reasonably stable; tipping is almost impossible. The water in the canals and the lake is shallow and only about 1 meter deep so that a rental boat is also very suitable for families with children. A bassinet, buggy or maxi-cosi can on the bottom of the boat. For a more comfortable journey you could bring some cushions.

There are 4 charged batteries in the boat with which the boat can drive about 6-8 hours (depending on weight, cruising speed) per day.

The boat is controlled via the engine lever or by steering wheel. The difference between handle and wheel is that you have a steering wheel in front of you and not have to stear in the opposite direction; boats with a steering wheel are generally experienced as easier to control. Another difference is the driver has also a backrest and the possibility to sit with 2 persons behind the wheel.

  • sailing with kids Giethoorn
  • dogs allowed in whisperboat
  • electric wheelchair boating Giethoorn

A sloep is also a boat with an electrical motor; this boat offers more comfort; is longer, wider and more spacious, a set cushions is included. Also this boat is easier to handle due to the stronger electric motor.

't Zwaantje (little Swan) has over 40 boats to rent out.
The different models, types and prices can be found further down the page.


routes boating giethoorn

Time required driving
Click on the map to enlarge

  • 1 hour tourist tour without stops* (1 hour reduced rate only possible on weekday's and only if online pre-booked at 1 hour self driving is not available at the cashdesk.
  • 2 hour village tour sparetime ± 15-20 minutes depending how busy it is in the canals
  • 3 hour village tour and nature environment
  • 4 hour village tour including Giethoorn North

Example to choose your rental period
Village and nature tour and on the go picnic, lunch, coffee- or museumstop for example: driving time 3 hours + 1 hour = 4 hours rent

The minimum driving time is 1 hour* (starting price is per boat for 1 up to max 2 hours), you will see the most touristic part of Giethoorn: plank bridge, the arch bridges and museums.
In the center is the main canal is one way traffic.

The indicative travel times apply to electric boats. If you follow the map and the correct route as explained you can drive the route within the time mentioned.


Exlusively for our guests: boattours app for Android Windows and Apple, download at home with WIFI and use it offline gps triggered on your own smartphone, tablet, ipad etc. with a lot of extra's like audio, video
The app is free available if a boat is online booked at If you don't have your own device you can rent this. Available languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Chinese.

  • Festive day's, schoolholidays
  • July and August and other day's with tropical temperatures a/o outside regular openinghours
  • Sometimes 1 hour rent is possible; if this is possible it is mentioned at

picknic isle giethoorn About a half hour from departure you pass on all routes the little picnic isle which is only accessible by boat. Nice to take a swim.

UPDATE 11-06-2024: On spot also possible during openinghours (subject to availability) Guaranteed booking and last minute same day possible at

Sloep large sloepen te huur giethoorn

Max. 10 persons including wheelchair

With built in lift for easy acces for wheelchairbound person, the lift can also be used during your trip to get in off easy.
With comfortable cushionset.
Electrical motor, steering by wheel.
The skipper's seat can be easily removed, also the wheelchairbound person can take a seat behind the wheel him or her self.
The lift is also suitable for an electric wheelchair.
With the lift down the boat looks just like a 'normal' boat.

Sloep small sloephuur giethoorn

Max. 6 persons also available as 8 and 10 persons type
With comfortable cushionset.
Electrical motor steering by wheel.

Whisperboat steeringwheel boat with steeringwheel giethoorn

This type is available in 4-, 6- and 8-persons
Layout 4, 6-persons: 2 benches with backrest, front tip, back seat with backrest; the 8-persons has 1 bench more.
Electric motor, driving with steeringwheel and gasbox (regulating speed).

boats with benches with backrest exclusively at 't Zwaantje giethoorn

Standard whisperboat bootje huren giethoorn

This type is available in 4-, 6- and 8-persons
Layout: 4- and 6- persons: 2 benches, front tip, back seat; the 8-persons boat has 1 bench more.
Electrical motor: 4-persons with handle and rotary knob (this type has only benches), 6- and 8-persons with handle and gasbox (regulating speed) this type is with benches and backrest, driver seat only a bench.

Beulakermeerpunter (not available) beulakermeer punter giethoorn

Authentic wooden socalled Beulakermeer punters. Max. 10 persons per punter.
Electrical motor with handle and gasbox

Sloep 8 persons giethoorn sloepenverhuur

Compact luxury boat with cushions
nice towards each other seating
Electric motor, steeringwheel

professional boatrental company zwaantje giethoorn

Familyboat sloep medium familiebootjes sloepenverhuur giethoorn

With comfortable cushionset.
Nice seating facing each other
Electrical motor steering by wheel.