packagedeals whisperboat  Giethoorn

Daytrip whisperboat

All in day arrangement including sailing by yourself, 'drink and meal' Ideal as family trip, family reunion or company outing starting from €47.50 per person
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trip around Giethoorn including museumvisit

Trip around Giethoorn

Flexible and a reasonable price for a lot of content
Including boattrip: self driving or guided cruise, meal, drinks and museum visit start from €29.50 per person
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tandems biking whisperboat Giethoorn

Tandem biking and whisperboat

As part of the day or day arrangement, alternately, sporty but still relaxing, short bike ride or long bike ride, this package is for any cyclist, also suitable for families with small children
Including cycling, boating, lunch and possibly dinner starting from €39,50 (adults)
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rondvaartarrangement Giethoorn

Enjoy Giethoorn

Cruise day arrangement ideal for a mixed group of young and old
Including cruise, museum visit, food and drinks starting from €31,-- p.p.
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romantisch Giethoorn Hollandse Venetië voor 2 personen

Dutch Venice for 2

Time for 2 (or more) romantic Giethoorn
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nationale zonnebloem arrangementen in Giethoorn


Anyone can book this package. The sunflower arrangements are tailored for the Dutch Zonnebloem federation and therefore very suitable for vulnerable groups as older seniors, nursing home residents, demented elderly etc. starting from €21,50 p.p.
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peddels en pedalen Giethoorn

Paddles and pedals

The title says it all: an active sportive day program starting from €47,50 p.p.
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puzzelend varen in Giethoorn

Puzzle Tour

In a whisper boat puzzling through Giethoorn. Because of the time suitable for a short visit to Giethoorn, or in addition to complete your own program
Including rent boat, puzzle questionnaire, drinks start from 15 pers. €8,75 p.p.
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crisis package


Due to popular demand again on offer: minimized version of the whisperboat day trip start from groups from 15 persons from €20,19 p.p.
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snorfietsen and boating Giethoorn Dwarsgracht Steenwijk

Snorren and whisperboat

Adults only: relax 'snorren' on the electric moped by a large part of the weerribben Wieden and course Giethoorn WaterReijk
Including snorren, boating, lunch start from €59,50 p.p.
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daytrip canoe

Canoe daytour

Paddling through the Weerribben Wieden and WaterReijk view spots where the motorized boats can't come start from €39,50 p.p.
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solex package


Adults only: Drive a old-fashioned solex; 'Willempie' mandatory helmet
Various tours subject to availability on location Giethoorn or woods around Havelte start from €59,50 p.p.
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 create your own giethoorn package along with various toppings


Can't find any of your choice, shorten, extend, move or replace parts times? Create your own Giethoorn arrangement with the seperate elements
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